COMMS loves to talk to people – about brands, products and services. That’s what we do, passionately, 24/7, in words, in images and with events that perfectly fulfil the brief. We are also at your side to provide advice and support should issues arise, or when there is a need to protect reputations. COMMS has perfected its service offering for two decades, evolving to become a full-service agency covering content, PR, events and reputation management.


COMMS creates authentic content that informs, engages and generates traffic. Content that is relevant to the media and the consumer, with an editorial angle. At COMMS we don’t take the ‘it’s good because we say it is’ approach. We rather focus on what media and consumers actually want to know, see and hear about brands. We do this through informative, unique content in words and images, with news stories, web copy and video productions put out across all channels. Based on an integrated communication strategy in which we explicitly seek to bring together PR and marcom.


COMMS focusses on omni-channel public relations. We believe the time when a good PR strategy would revolve around media only has well and truly passed: it should also be about consumers and other stakeholders for the brand. COMMS advises and supports communication professionals, with the emphasis on a pragmatic approach. We don’t believe in fairytales and fine words, fancy job titles and shiny mood boards. COMMS provides result-oriented advice and support. Our preference is to take a full-service approach, based on a 360 degree strategy in which all PR elements are broadly deployed for media and consumers. However, COMMS provides expert assistance if you are looking for support in a particular area, such as news stories, activations, newsrooms, press events & conferences, media policy and operational support.


COMMS activates innovations through effective and informative events for media, business relations and consumers. Working on the principle of ‘find out for yourself’, we let them experience in real life what’s so good about the products and services of ‘our’ brands. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of synergy: in events that are relevant for both media, (business) customers and partners. Our preference at COMMS is to go for small-scale and intimate (up to 50 people) in order to achieve the personal touch. However, we can scale it up too. Through close cooperation with our network of partners, we can fulfil every brief.


COMMS enjoys building and maintaining strong brands. But the real test comes ‘when sh*t hits the fan’. An issue or crisis often arises out of the blue and it can inflict serious damage. We work on the assumption that prevention is better than cure. Based on our many years of experience, we understand how to avoid potential issues, or nip them in the bud before they can escalate, and we manage situations rapidly and effectively to minimize reputational damage. COMMS advises and supports with crisis communication towards internal and external stakeholders – both preventively and reactively.

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